Friday, December 16, 2005

Creating & Sharing a Shoebuy Wish List

Picture this: It's Christmas morning and you're sitting next to the tree, surrounded by the people you love. As you eye the mound of presents in front of you, anticipation hang over your head like last night's egg nog binge. You think to yourself, "what am I going to get this year? I hope I get that pair of boots I've been eyeing since October. Or that sexy red tote. Or..." Jittery with excitement, you start opening the boxes. Ten minutes later, you're sitting there surrounded by shredded wrapping paper and bows with 2 pairs of day-glo socks, a nose hair trimmer, a miniature ceramic cow, some sort of brooch-like thing that is big enough to mortally wound someone, and not one, not two, but three bedazzled sweaters with big fuzzy snowmen on them. Dazed and confused, you sit there and wonder what had just happened. Dissappointment slowly changes into anger, and then resentment. "How could these people not know what I want? And what in the world am I supposed to do with three bedazzled snowmen sweaters?" As you start cursing the inventor of the bedazzler, it hits you: "I should have made a wishlist. I should have told them exactly what I wanted." Of course, by then it's too late. If we have learned anything from scenes like these, it's that sometimes you need to very specific about what you want. While most humans are yet to develop the ability to read minds, has developed a wish list feature that enables you to pick out what you want, all the way down to the size and color, and send the list to your friends and family. It's private, so only the people you choose can see the list. And, you can include your shipping address so that they can purchase your gift and have it shipped to you directly! Since shipping is always free, it's easy and fast! To send wish hints, simply go to and begin shopping. When you find something you like, just add it to your card like you would when you're purchasing something. Once you have found everything you want to add, go to your cart and click on the "Send a Gift Hint" button on the bottom, at which point you will be directed to the page below. Fill out the form, preview it, and send it! It's that easy. The recipients will receive an email with a link to your list. They can either click on a product and purchase it, or they can add all the products to their cart and purchase them at once! Use this feature for the holidays, birthdays, baby showers, graduation, or any other special occasions! No matter how you use it or when you use it, you'll be sure to always get exactly what you want! Set up a wish list at Shoebuy today!



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