Thursday, October 25, 2007

Scary Skull Finds for Halloween or Everyday

Remember back in the day when you wouldn’t be caught dead (no pun intended) wearing a skull and bones with the exception of Halloween or course? That’s because the majority of the general public weren’t in rock bands or really that into sporting the symbolic connotation of death, caution and my favorite, danger. But not now, the trend has exploded. Skulls and crossbones have really taken off over the last few seasons and can be found on shoes to bags and apparel. Case in point, I saw a cute little toddler sporting a pink t-shirt with a skull and bones on the front. Can you say cool mommy? There are many great options featuring the now socially accepted and embraced icon. Perfect for Halloween or anytime really. Here’s a few of our favs:
Zoo York Hester
Zoo York Allen

Unltd by Marc Ecko Bristol Huff

GBX Skull and Bones Boot 54157

Skechers Kanz

Skechers Kanz

Skechers Kanz Summertide

Skechers Kanz Summertide

Skechers Kanz Hoopla

Skechers Kanz Hoopla Celeste Stein Designs Skull Celeste Stein Designs Skull Betsey Johnson BJ2058

Betsey Johnson BJ2058


Skechers Shuffle Tuffie

Skechers Shuffle Tuffie



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