Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"High" Fashion

“I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot” – Marilyn Monroe

Since medieval times, women have subjected themselves to the pain of wearing high heels. A survey conducted in 2003 by the American Podiatric Medical Association found that 42% of women admitted to wearing uncomfortable shoes, primarily for style and 72% wore them to look more attractive (http://www.apma.org). However, with today’s innovations, wearing high heels should not equate to discomfort. Shoebuy.com has put together a list of tips on getting the perfect pair of high heels, some items you can buy to help ease the pain you feel with the pairs you already own, and some fun high heels that Shoebuy offers:

Finding the perfect pair

1. Since feet swell, always try on high heels at the end of the day.
2. When trying the shoe, make sure that there are no potential places where the shoe can rub and cause blisters, if there are, you may want to consider another shoe or you’ll suffer during the break-in period.
3. If you are looking for more stability, the thicker the heel, the better.
4. When you do find the right pair, wear them around the house for approximately an hour for several days until you feel comfortable to go out. If after a few days you are still having trouble breaking them in, rub a little water on the inside then put them on. Although this technique is not great for the shoes, it helps them mold to your feet.

Items that can help ease the pain
Even when the pain cannot be eased with the above techniques, there are some great products sold at Shoebuy that can help.

Foot Petals - Strut n' Style Kit
Foot Petals Strut n' Style Kit
Keep your feet feeling sexy all day with the Strut n' Style ultimate solution kit! The kit includes one pair of Tip Toes ball-of-foot cushions which stop feet from sliding forward, one pair of Heavenly Heelz back-of-heel cushions to help keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes, one set of Strappy Strips which add comfort to strappy shoes, one pair of Killer Kushionz full insoles that provide ultimate support and can be worn in open toe shoes, two pairs of Sole Stopperz that protect soles from wear and tear and provide non-slip protection and one pair of Petal Plusheez spa socks.

Dr. Rosenberg's - Instant Arches (3 pairs)
Dr. Rosenberg Instant Arches (3 pairs)
Dr. Rosenberg's Instant Arches® are made of a unique and durable closed-cell foam material which creates maximum support, comfort and cushion for your tired feet when wearing any type of heels, even open toe styles. It helps reduce foot pain resulting from plantar fascitis, pain in the ball of the foot, heel spurs, abnormal pronation, bunion pain and foot pain when standing for long periods of time. With its unique shape, one size fits all shoe styles and heel heights. A specially formulated adhesive allows adjustments in all shoes and prevents movement during normal wear.

Muleos - Day Pack
Muleos Day Pack
As we all know, backless heels can sometimes give you much grief. Now, there's a brilliant step forward for backless shoes! Muleos' Straps and Ties allow you to instantly transform your backless shoes. Use Muleos to stop your trousers from catching under your heel, or for securing your mules and slides for dancing or walking. The handy Day Pack includes three pairs perfect for everyday wear: black straps with a silver buckle, tan straps with a silver buckle, and sexy black satin ties with a silver charm. Perfectly sized to fit in a purse or a pocket, you can take Muleos with you wherever you go!

Smart Heel - Heel Protector (2 pairs)
Smart Heel Heel Protector
It is easy to scuff up your new favorite pair of high heels quickly. Smart Heel high-heel protectors stop tears, nicks and scuffs to your favorite high heels caused from sidewalk cracks, car mats, cobblestones, lawns and much more. Just slide these simple to use heel protectors onto your heels before going outside, and slip them off when you reach your destination to reveal beautiful flawless heels. Each pair comes with a convenient travel pouch so you can easily find your Smart Heels in your handbag for the next time you go out. Fits thin stiletto type heels 3"-4.5" high.

Here are some fun and some practical high heel styles:

BCBGirls - Ariel
BCBGirls Ariel
This open-toe BCBGirls shoe is for the fashionista looking for a sexy heel that will be sure to draw attention. The color purple is a big hit this season and can defintely be carried into the fall.

Enzo Angiolini - Maylie
Enzo Angolini Maylie
These shoes will never go out of style. Conservative enough for work yet they can easily be transformed into party shoes.

Jessica Simpson - Jinkx
Jessica Simpson Jinkx

These t-strap heels from Jessica Simpson are great for a night out. If you aren't used to 4 1/2" heels, wear them around the house before going out.

Paris Hilton - Vogue
Paris Hilton Vogue
This Paris Hilton shoe features two popular trends: the ornamented shoe and the square toe. Pair this shoe with your favorite little black dress and be prepared to be the life of the party.

Oh Deer! - Cupcake
Oh Deer! - Cupcake
This shoe features a twist on the always trendy mary-jane. The adjustable mid-strap will help keep your foot in place while you dance the night away.

Aerosoles - Sembrero
Aerosoles Sembrero
This shorter, stacked heel is great for the fashionista who's priority is comfort but still wants a fun shoe. This heel can easily be transformed from a day to night shoe.

Luichiny - Lina
Luichiny Lina
This shoe features two fun classics: the pointy toe and the snake pattern. It can work for both jeans and dresses.


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