Monday, October 31, 2005

Find Your Boot Style Personality!

It's obvious that boots have been one of the hottest footwear trends this season. As the weather turns cooler, more people are starting to wear this versatile form of footwear. With the influx of dozens of boot styles into the fashion world, the days of "one boot style can fit all" are long gone. Instead, both men and women have the ability to find the boot that fits their style personality. Have multiple style personalities? No problem. Just by more boots! Finding which boot fits your style personality isn't hard. It's just a matter of looking at what types of clothes and accessories you usually wear and matching them to the style of boot that complements (not supplements) those items. To get you started, I've compiled a mini-guide to finding the perfect boots for you: If your wardrobe mainly consists of: bootcut or flared jeans in darker washes, tailored dress pants or cropped pants, tweed/plaid skirts, structured trousers, dress shirts, shirt dresses, blazers, totes, simplistic gold/silver jewelry, etc. Your boot styles: leather boots in dark colors, classic knee-high boots, high-heel or stacked heel, pointed or tapered toe boxes, dress boots If your wardrobe mainly consists of: jeans in lighter washes, peasant blouses, bohemian-style long skirts, beaded jewelry, cotton shirts, cotton trousers, bootcut embellished jeans, hobo bags Your boot styles: cowboy boots (classic or slouch), suede boots in bold colors, shorter stacked heels (not more than 2"), round or tapered toe boxes, casual boots If your wardrobe mainly consists of: leather pants/jackets/skirts, suede pieces, deconstructed tapered jeans, heavier jewelry, bags with prominent hardware Your boot styles: leather motorcycle boots, steel toe, patent leather boots (any style), thigh-high boots, pointed toe box, dress boots If your wardrobe mainly consists of: medium wash jeans, bootcut pants, knee-length or higher skirts, cotton trousers, sweatshirts, minimal jewelry, sling bags Your boot styles: leather boots in lighter shades, short or no heel, ankle boots or calf-length boots, tapered or square toe box, distressed leather boots, hiking boots, casual boots The boots and styles described above are far from a complete list; everyone has wardrobes that mix and match these different styles. The most important factors in finding the right boots for you is looking at the weather you'll be wearing them in, the wear factor (ie: how often will you wear them), how high of a heel can you handle, the surfaces you will be walking on, the materials that feel good on you, your calf circumference, as well as the style that matches your existing wardrobe the closest. Sometimes the best place to start is the shoes you already have. Do you have a tendency of buying only leather shoes? Then maybe leather is your material of choice and you should opt out of buying suede boots. Do you like stacked heels better than thinner heels? Then don't bother with those 4" stilleto boots. While diversifying your wardrobe is always good, sometimes stepping too far out of your comfort zone is not a good idea. Like all footwear, boots are an investment and it's recommended that you buy something that you will be comfortable wearing. To get an idea of what styles are available out there, check out the Boot Shop at, where you can find more than 2,600 styles of boots, including waterproof boots, ankle boots, knee-high boots, fashion boots, cowboy boots and work boots that range from under $60 to more than $425. To see the entire women's boot collection, visit



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