Wednesday, February 08, 2006

THE SAK Puts New Spin on Handbag Advertising

THE SAK pairs wit with fashion by partnering with author and artist, Sloane Tanen to create its spring 2006 advertising campaign. Tanen, who penned, "Bitter with Baggage Seeks Same," and the recently published, "Going for the Bronze," is known for her social satire personified by fuzzy, miniature chicks. Her books have become cult favorites for their wry takes on such familiar topics as online dating, diets, and therapy sessions. "The women we're targeting are smart, sophisticated and funny -- and we want to appeal to their sense of humor. We want to connect to these women by entertaining them and giving them a good laugh. The humor in Tanen's work is really self-deprecating which makes it not only hilarious, but totally relatable," explains Arianna Brooke/Vice President of Marketing for THE SAK. Following the same format as her books, Tanen created THE SAK campaign with colorful sets using tiny chickens, doll furniture, and key handbag styles from THE SAK's spring '06 collection. Each scene depicts a comical situation, accompanied by a caption. For example, one scene shows a tiny yellow girl chicken in her closet "clutching" her latest acquisition. The caption reads, "At the end of every relationship, Minerva treated herself to a new handbag. She still hadn't found Mr. Right, but her latest purchase was really easing the blow." The reader may eventually notice that her closet is filled with handbags. The ads, which will bow in March in magazines such as In Style, Glamour, Lucky, Teen Vogue and Marie Claire, will consist of four different vignettes, among them a chick named Mona who dyed her hair turquoise to match her new The Sak handbag and another chick, Amy, who sits in a therapist's chair wondering if the doctor has noticed her new The Sak purse. Additionally, THE SAK is planning outdoor advertising for the first time, to complement its print program: New York City billboards and taxi tops, as well as a billboard in its San Francisco hometown. An extensive web campaign consisting of email blasts, e-cards, and screensavers is also in the works. The handbags highlighted in the campaign are key items in the spring '06 collection: "City Safari, "Boho Glitter" and "San Antonio." "City Safari" is a glittery hobo, "Boho Glitter" is a metallic crochet satchel, and "San Antonio" is a white pearlized leather shopper. Brooke continues, "Traditional, aspirational fashion advertising tends to be very grand in its execution, but quite simplistic in concept. We wanted to do the opposite, and develop a narrative that was more than just visually appealing. We've always strived to differentiate ourselves with unique product; now we are underscoring this directive with a bold ad campaign." Tannen added, "I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with THE SAK on this new concept. The campaign caters to a more confident woman who is willing to think differently. We think she will appreciate our departure from model-with-product imagery." THE SAK is sold on and at



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