Monday, April 03, 2006

Straight from the Horse's Mouth: Shoebuy Customer Reviews

Nobody knows Shoebuy better than our customers. See why so many people return to Shoebuy again and again to find the best in online shoes, bags, apparel and accessories. "I can't believe the great buys I have gotten. Every item is a perfect fit. I don't remember how I came upon this site but I have told many of my friends, even those without a computer. Fit, value, purchasing and return policy are exceptional, also the items are as pictured. Thanks." Patricia - Brooklyn, New York "Ordering from Shoebuy was awesome. The site is easy, shoes are available for a good price, the delivery is fast and our product was in excellent condition...better than any store. There is follow up communication as SHOEBUY is truly selling not only good shoes, but customer service!" Jean - Sacramento, California "I love and will only buy my shoes here. I recently bought 3 pairs of Dr. Martens 83123UFBX in peanut and grizzly brown as well as black. I saved almost $100. Three pairs of shoes at Shoebuy with no charge for shipping and handling and all of my shoes were true to size (size 10 UK). What more can a person ask for??" Brad - Des Moines, Iowa "I found this site to be excellent! The shoes were delivered VERY fast, NO shipping and if I needed to return them for any reason, which I did not, the shipping back to them was free also! You cannot loose with this site! I will use them again, for sure!" Terri - New York, New York "I am completely satisfied with my Florsheim Berkley shoes purchased from Shoebuy. The shoes are a great value for the price, extremely comfortable and first-class workmanship. Shoebuy is a wonderful market. I have bought four pairs from the website and find that the service and prices are tops. I recommend the Florsheim Berkley and without any reservations." Pete - Spartanburg, South Carolina "Shoebuy makes it easy by being able to shop by size and style. I feel I have found a great place for shoes and at wonderful prices. The prices beat other retail stores for the same shoe. The variety is also nice" Ellen - Cold Spring, Kentucky "I looked in a lot of bridal shops. The shoes were outrageously priced. I accidentally found your website and found all the shoes that I had seen at the bridal shops for less than half of the price they wanted. I think you're great! Thank you!" Peggy - Sacramento, California "I found out about Shoebuy from a friend. I loved how there are so many styles and sizes which are available. The no shipping fee is fabulous and shopping was easy, fast, convenient and efficient. I also bought a pair of boots of which I am also very pleased with. The prices seemed on target." Anne - Hartford, Connecticut "I'm typically leary of ordering shoes without having the option of trying them on, but I took a leap of faith with this pair. I was thrilled with the results! The shoes were perfect. No returns here!!" Diane - Chicago, Illinois "I found that Shoebuy absolutely lived up to the high standard of customer support they promised. I am not an employee of the company and have nothing to gain from writing this review, but excellence is hard to find these days and it should be praised when you do find it. Shoebuy meets and exceeds all of its promises. Bravo for this company and I will be back for more top quality footwear, great prices, and wonderful service." Miles - Los Angeles, California "I have always had success finding exactly what I wanted from Shoebuy. The shoes are at my door in just a few days of placing the order. I don't have to pay shipping or tax. The best part of all is that I didn't have to use gas to go all over town looking for the shoes. The shoes were brand new just as advertised and I'm very happy with my purchase." Kim - Destrehan, Louisiana " is also just one of the greatest places to shop for shoes! I can't say enough about their customer service, let alone their great prices and shipping and return policies. It was a great privilege to be able to shop with them." Edna - St Paul, Minnesota “ShoeBuy has repeatedly exceeded my expectations in regard to their price, quality, customer care and return policy. Bravo and thanks again. I will continue to take advantage of the excellent prices and quality offered by this company. I have no connection to them other than as a very satisfied customer." Sheldon - Los Angeles, California "No matter what shoe I saw online, almost all said, "sorry don't ship to Canada." I was getting so discouraged and frustrated and almost gave up, then I found Shoebuy. What a selection! I was busy for hours and the selection and felt it hard to only buy one. Ladies this could be dangerous for your marriage, just kidding, but so many nice shoes, you can even shop by name brand. They emailed me when shipped, they told me when it was crossing the border etc... Wow outstanding customer service (forget the shopping mall never having what you want, nor having your size, this is service the way it should be!!), hats off to Shoebuy!" Ellen - Barrie, Ontario, Canada



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